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Refresh Health & Wellness

We’re Sherwood Park’s most convenient whole-health wellness centre, ready to keep you moving pain-free through life.



Massage Therapy


Naturopathic Medicine




Osteopath at Work


Chiropractors maintain the health of your spine, muscles and joints to keep you moving pain-free. Chiropractic treatments involve making adjustments to achieve better alignment, as well as to allow the body to heal itself without the need for medication or surgery. Located in Sherwood Park, our chiropractic clinic believes in a hands-on approach to promote the right preventative and rehabilitation care that suits your lifestyle.


As some of the best chiropractors in Sherwood Park, our team at Refresh Health & Wellness truly gets to know patients and their movement goals.

Massage Therapy

Registered massage therapists address pain and discomfort associated with soft tissue injuries by increasing blood circulation and lymphatic flow and helping to relieve stress. Our massage therapy clinic is one of the most reliable in the Sherwood Park area — in fact, you’ll find our clinic to be highly accommodating to your schedule and pain concerns. 

Whether you’re looking to alleviate pain due to an injury, help treat a chronic condition or help manage stress, our massage therapists are here for you.

Relaxing Massage
Child Physiotherapy


We’re committed to helping our patients move and feel better. Our physiotherapy clinic near you is proud to offer an extensive range of therapies — including shockwave therapy. We recognize that every injury recovery journey is unique.

Whether you’re looking for car accident therapy near you, recovering from a sports injury or living with a chronic condition, you can expect a tailored experience with Refresh Health & Wellness. We create treatment plans involving hands-on adjustments and prescribed at-home exercises designed to suit your medical history, movement goals and lifestyle.


Naturopathic Medicine focuses on health promotion and disease prevention. Naturopathic doctors address the root cause of health concerns and work together with patients to achieve meaningful and sustainable health practices. Treatment aims to optimize various systems within the body including digestion, stress, sleep and mood.

Patients will work closely with their doctor in order to develop strategies that promote sustainable and meaningful changes in their health and wellness. Treatments may include a combination of nutritional counselling, botanical medicine, lifestyle counselling, supplementation and physical medicine.

Natural Medicine

Why Choose Refresh Health & Wellness

When you visit our wellness clinic, you can expect a relaxing environment with the care and expertise of professional therapists. Each of our team members have diverse backgrounds and personalities who love what we do for a living.

Our health care practitioners respect the expertise of other healthcare professionals and work cooperatively to ensure you’re receiving the best care for your injuries or chronic conditions.

From the moment you walk through our front door, we’re committed to making sure your experience makes you feel better than when you arrived.

You’re in excellent hands with Refresh Health & Wellness. See for yourself why Sherwood Park residents continue to choose our clinic for their movement therapy needs. Your wellness and recovery is our number one priority. It’s what makes what we do for a living a meaningful and fulfilling job.


Our Story

When we first opened our doors in 2009, Refresh Health & Wellness was a day spa, providing Sherwood Park residents with a relaxing environment that nurtured, pampered and soothed the body and spirit — leaving every client feeling refreshed. Today, Refresh has become so much more.

Over these past several years, we've grown our staff from 8 employees to 20 and expanded our spa services into a complete wellness centre. Conveniently located on Athabascan Avenue, our services include chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, spinal decompression, psychology, naturopathic doctors and shockwave therapy near you.

Refresh Health & Wellness aims to provide a high standard of care in each therapeutic discipline. We help our patients move and feel their best by getting to know each patient that walks through our door and creating a customized wellness experience.

We look forward to meeting with you soon and we hope that Refresh Health & Wellness in Sherwood Park will become your home away from home. Reach out to our wellness clinic today to see how we can help you move better through life.



Dietitians are healthcare professionals who assess and treat problems related to food and nutrition, both for individuals and the wider community. Whether someone is recovering from an operation, concerned about their weight, or is living with a chronic illness, dietitians are experts in assessing individual clients' needs and preferences.


They use an evidence-based approach to create tailored medical nutrition therapy, translating the science of nutrition into terms everyone can understand and providing nutrition education and counseling that addresses their clients' personal needs and challenges.

Hours of Operation

Monday:        9:00am - 7:00pm

Tuesday:        7:00am - 7:00pm

Wednesday:  9:00am - 7:00pm

Thursday:      7:00am - 7:00pm

Friday:           9:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday:       9:00am - 4:00pm

Sunday:        Closed

Contact Us

101-47 Athabascan Avenue
Sherwood Park, AB

We are pleased to Offer Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Psychology, Spinal Decompression, Shockwave Therapy, IMS, Graston to Sherwood Park and Area.

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