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Dietitians are healthcare professionals who assess and treat problems related to food and nutrition, both for individuals and the wider community. Whether someone is recovering from an operation, concerned about their weight, or is living with a chronic illness, dietitians are experts in assessing individual clients' needs and preferences. They use an evidence-based approach to create tailored medical nutrition therapy, translating the science of nutrition into terms everyone can understand and providing nutrition education and counseling that addresses their clients' personal needs and challenges.

Weight Management

Long-term weight loss or weight gain can be a difficult journey for many, and it's not just simply about food. It's often about changing your behavior in deeper ways. The services our dietitian provide go beyond nutrition education. To help you achieve and maintain your healthy weight goal, our dietitian can provide counseling and ongoing support to help you reframe your relationship with food, fostering healthy new habits that could last you a lifetime

Chronic Disease Management

Healthy eating can play an essential role in the management of chronic conditions. Our dietitian can provide tailored nutrition therapy, meal planning, and counseling to help you minimize risks to your health, collaborating with your wider healthcare team whenever necessary. Nutrition interventions can be transformative in the management of many common conditions, such as:


•          high cholesterol

•          high blood pressure

•          diabetes

•          kidney disease

•          non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

•          chronic bowel issues

•          osteoporosis and joint issues

Pre- & Post-surgical Nutrition

Nutrition for Injury Recovery

Fueling your body with adequate nutrition before and after surgery or following an injury can greatly aid in recovery and improve general health outcomes. 


During surgery, the body goes through a lot of stress which can slow down its ability to heal. This often leads to muscle loss, inflammation, poor wound healing, and further complications such as infection. If malnutrition is also present prior to surgery, the body is at even greater risk.


The right nutrition in the days and weeks before and after surgery or after an injury can help reduce these risks and speed up your recovery. Our dietitian can provide nutrition education and support prior to your surgery and through the multiple stages of healing.

Malnutrition & 

Nutrient Deficiencies

The six essential nutrients for health are:


•          proteins

•          carbohydrates

•          fat

•          water

•          vitamins

•          minerals


Inadequate intake or poor absorption of these nutrients leads to health problems. If you are struggling to meet nutritional requirements and are concerned about your health, our dietitian can help.


Mandy Megan Conyers-Smith, RD


Mandy Megan Conyers-Smith is a registered dietitian with over 10 years of practice. She has a BSc in Human Nutrition from Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, and an MSc in Clinical Nutrition from Rutgers University in New Jersey.


Mandy Megan is passionate about healthy living and is committed to helping people improve their health through tailored medical nutrition therapy and education around food and nutrition. Throughout her career, she has worked in acute health care, including intensive care as an ICU dietitian, surgical care, stroke rehabilitation (including dysphagia management), and general medicine; and in primary care, including chronic disease management, eating disorders, prenatal care, and malnutrition. She has also worked in community education and program planning.


Mandy Megan's dietitian services can be provided virtually or in person, according to your needs.

Most employee benefit plans cover dietitian services


Check your plan today: if your benefits don't cover dietitian services, share this resource with your employer.

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