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Get the Most Out of Your Couples Massage

Has life made you a ball of stress and muscle tension lately? Or has your physical stress spilled over into your relationship, resulting in an increased amount of fighting between you and your partner?

If your tight muscles are causing irritability and discord in your relationship, since there is a direct effect between physical and emotional well-being, you and your partner should consider a simple solution: a couples massage.

Although you may be thinking, “what is the point of a couples massage?” you might be surprised to learn of all the benefits it can have on yourself and your relationship.

What to Expect

The first thing you should expect from a couples massage is a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The goal of the massage is to detox you and your partner’s bodies of all negative energy, relieve all stress and calm your minds. The moment you enter the room, you will already start to feel more at ease with the mood lighting, relaxing music and scented candles.

You should also expect to leave all electronics and personal devices in a locker outside the room. The idea is to leave all of the world’s problems outside and spend some quality time with yourself and your partner. This also goes for talking, as it's encouraged to stay silent throughout the experience to achieve the full effect.

Finally, make sure to wear comfortable fitting clothing that is easily removable, since the experience is sans clothes. You should also be prepared to have oils massaged into your body that may make your skin a bit greasy, so it's wise to wear workout type clothing that won’t be damaged once you dress.

The Benefits of a Couples Massage

As far as the benefits of a couple's massage GO, you and your partner will immediately notice the positive effects. As both of you are being massaged, you will each notice an intense level of intimacy bubble up inside. This is because the massage will actually release hormones that lower your stress levels, which can consequently get in the way of affection.

Additionally, a couple's massage is a perfect way of spending quality time with your significant other. Not only is it an experience each person can benefit from, but you are both guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed and happier. The fact that no electronics or distractions are allowed in the room is an added bonus, allowing both of you to just enjoy the moment.

However, the best thing about a couple's massage is the bonding experience. Going for even one of these massages will allow you and your partner to connect on a deeper, more meaningful level. A couple's massage will also facilitate the growth of your relationship by encouraging you and partner to grow closer, communicate more effectively and manage stress more effectively.

Schedule Your Visit Today

After reading about the benefits and relaxing nature of a couples massage, you may be thinking, “where can I get a couples massage?” Whether you are looking to surprise your significant other with this experience or simply just try something new with your partner, there’s no need to look any further for your couples massage.

At Refresh Health & Wellness, our team is composed of trained massage therapists ready to send you and your partner on a relaxing and stress-free experience! If you would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 780-467-8020 or visit our website and fill out our contact form.

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